Midori "Patoras"


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Midori is a Mazone who was raised as the daughter of the Arcadia's chief engineer, Maji, though as Mazone are plant beings who reproduce asexually, she has no actual biological relationship to him. Following the death of her mother, Midori is taken back into the custody of the Mazone. Some time later, Maji would encounter her again, now fully matured and serving as a Mazone soldier under the name Patoras, but still wearing the bell her father had bought from a gift shop in Paris. She claims to have never had familial feelings for her human "father," merely to have used his protective efforts to allow her to complete her mission-the assessment of the Arcadia's complement of crewmen. Maji must ultimately destroy her ship to redeem himself in his own eyes.

Whether or not Midori willfully served with the Mazone or whether she was indoctrinated into servitude is never precisely revealed, though the episode's final moments provide us with some clue.


Voice Actors
Ichiryuusai, Harumi