Masu Tsunajima

Masu Tsunajima

Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock
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Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock: Arcadia-gou no Nazo
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Masu Tsunajima
Miss Masu is the Arcadia's resident cook. Whether or not her culinary skill is up to snuff may never be known, as none of the crew particularly care to get on the bad side of a woman who waves and hurls carving knives about when she's in a bad mood. She's forever threatening to add Mr. Bird and Dr. Zero's pet cat Mi to the menu after catching them raiding her supplies for the umpteenth time, and has no truck with picky eaters. She also must keep a close eye on her saké to keep it out of the good doctor's hands.

Masu is unmarried and has no children, mistakenly believing that her true love Gozo Otowara deliberately stood her up on the night of the summer festival. Though she eventually learns the truth, she has only the time for a few words of reconciliation before Gozo is lost to the Mazone.

Miss Masu appeared first in the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock series, and would not be seen again until the Endless Odyssey mini-series.

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Voice Actors
Tsukase, Noriko