Ganossa Maximillian

Ganossa Maximillian

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Ganossa Maximillian (ガノッサ・マクシミリアン)
Former student or assistant of Gigelf Liqueur, Ganossa has sold his soul and half of his body to the ruler of Nemesis in return for power. He appears significantly older in the TV episode Mobius Klein and Rally's flashback later. Ganossa was responsible for the failure of Project Gaia, sabotaging the link between Earth and Nemesis. He is a mage with formidable powers, possibly Katsumi's equal.

Ganossa is at least fifty to sixty years old during the years covered in the series despite his youthful appearance. This is because of a curse laid on him by the ruler of Nemesis that causes him to age backwards. His hair is a pale bluish lavender in the TV series.

Voice Actors
Shiozawa, Kaneto
Devall, Trevor
Hong, Beom Gi
Artaux, Cyrille