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Lum Cheng (ラム・チェン)

Height: 5"
Weight: 97 lbs.
Blood type: O

Lum Cheng is the granddaughter of Avalanche Wong and wielder of the Imperial Sword Gesso, which is considered the equal of Grospoliner, though it does not seem to be as intelligent. Lum Cheng uses elemental magic ranging from fire to water. She first appears in the ninth volume of the manga and somewhat after the halfway point of the 26-episode TV series.

Lum Cheng is young and impetuous and also a little arrogant at times, which sometimes has disastrous results. Despite this, she is tenaciously loyal to her friends. According to her grandfather, she is a feng shui master.

Voice Actors
Hiramatsu, Akiko
Oliver, Nicole
Servais, Danièle