Regulus "The Great Genius" Leo

Regulus Leo

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa
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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa
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Regulus Leo (獅子座のレグルス)
Constellation/Star Sign/Zodiac: Leo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Greek
Status: Alive

Class: Saint
Rank: Gold Saint
Title: Athena's Gold Saint
Guardian: Leo's House
Known Relatives: Leo, Ilias (father); Sagittarius, Sisyphus (master), Unicorn Yato (training partner)

Leo Regulus (獅子座のレグルス Reo no Regurusu) is the Leo Gold Saint, the youngest of the Gold Saints in Lost Canvas. Regulus appears as an active character, rebel, with great skill and perception in the battlefield. seeming as a genius.

He makes his first major appearance in Jamir, where it releases the Ship of Hope ice, to be used to go to the Lost Canvas. At the time, has a confrontation with Behemoth Violate. Then have a bloody fight against Wyvern Rhadamanthys who held part of the divine power of Hades. Rhadamanthys kills Ilias and Regulus wants vengance in the battle with him. Regulus is considered "the great genius", is capable of firing up to 100,000,000 hits per second. It is a training partner of Unicorn Yato having almost the same age his and his master's of Sagittarius Sisyphus.

It is considered the most amazing rider of all time being able to run the powerful exclamation of Athena alone, in addition to providing easy techniques from other riders. In the current era who wears the armor of gold lion is Aioria, younger brother of Aiolos (Knight Gold Sagittarius), being the strongest of the season alongside current Shaka and the protagonist of the episode G.


Lightning Plasma: Leo focuses and releases his Cosmo in a series of super fast laser attacks. Unlike Lightning Bolt, it's impossible to see through several thousand punches launched instantaneously so this attack can't be avoided.

Lightning Bolt: Leo throwing his fist at extreme speeds, creating a rift in the air through which he forces a high electric current generated by his Cosmo. This attack only works on those slower than Leo, since it can be evaded by moving faster than his punches.

Athena Exclamation (Solo): Although Athena Exclamation traditionally requires the combined Cosmos of three Saints, in Lost Canvas, Regulus was able to cast it by himself after using it together with Aries Shion and Sagittarius Sisyphus. Such is the talent of Regulus, who surpasses all that his eyes observe. Since doing so did not break the Saints' code of one on one battles, he retained his honor when fighting against Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

Zodiac Clamation: In Lost Canvas, Regulus exceeded even the power of Athena Exclamation when he revealed this cataclysmic ultimate move. It calls upon the constellations of the zodiac to launch the attacks of all twelve Gold Saints at the same time. He had watched their moves while training alongside them in Sanctuary, and now unleashed them on the divinely empowered Wyvern Rhadamanthys to teach him the true strength of humanity.

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