Kururi "Kyo, Kuru-nee" Orihara

Kururi Orihara

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Kururi Orihara (折原九瑠璃)

Kururi is one of Izaya's younger sisters. She has a twin sister named Mairu. Unlike her more outgoing sister, she is shy and softspoken. She still stands out at school because she wears a gymnastics outfit as apposed to the usual uniform, and gets bullied due to her sister's reputation. She is hinted to have feelings for Aoba, one of her classmates, as she is grateful when he saves her from bullies one day and even kisses him in thanks. According to Mairu, she was very happy when he said he found her to be cuter than the girl who was bullying her.

Like her sister, she is a big fan of Shizuo's brother Kasuka.

Voice Actors
Hoffman, Bridget
Kanemoto, Hisako
Uhlig, Charlotte

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