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Loki Utgardr
Referred to by the title "Edda of the Snow Fields", Loki appears to be the leader and most powerful member of Sleipnir. He carries a sword that exhibits abilities similar to the Rumble Regalia; using this weapon, he is able to absorb Ikki's Pile Tornado and then use its power to execute his own trick. Later, he is seen preparing to fight Ikki and Buccha in a 2-on-1 battle on the same airplane, a testament to his skill as the leader of Sleipnir. He deceives Ikki into downing Onigiri's plane. He later reveals he is a Brain Charger, and has been questioning the meaning of his existence.

As a Wind King, Loki is a rider of Winged Road. He has no trouble handling Ikki's Pile Tornado and countering with his own trick, showing his skill even without his Brain Charger. As a Brain Charger, Loki hasaccess to their innate abilities as well. According to R.E.A.D., his battle level is 205. This is the highest Battle Level seen on a R.E.A.D. in the series, and currently, the only known Battle Level estimated to be higher is Nike and Sora Takeuchi's level of 300+. Like Freya, his sword is also capabile of transforming into a set of AT Angel wings, which make it possible for him to fly.


Sleipnir: Cyclone Destiny - Loki creates two tornadoes in front of his weapon and kicks his AT at the center, creating two vortexes of wind that blow his opponents away.

Muspellzheimr's Shining Wind - Loki, with his sword transformed, utilizes a move similar to Freya's Dance of the Einjar's Sword, accelerating to incredibly high speeds to deliver extremely swift dive bombs from all sides.

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