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Orca (オルカ)
Orca whose real name is Vercingetorix, is a new member of Genesis who appears in chapter 185 playing with dolphins. It is shown that Aeon Clock, believed dead until recently, is currently accompanying him. Sano comments that his name already contains the ancient word for king and implies that he's a dangerous rider. Orca has a very feminine appearance and has extremely tanned skin from being out on the ocean so much.

He later appears during Kogarasumaru's training on a small island. After Agito Wanijima fires a fang at a target post, Orca sudden appears and uses his own fang to not only stop Agito's fang but completely shred the target post; something even Agito had failed to do at that point. His shadow seems to be characterized as a killer whale or some kind of "sea dragon", alluding to his abilities. Orca seems playful and naive on the surface, actually smiling when Caesar's head was cut (probably at the prospect of facing a stronger Agito). He also likes it when people call him Orca. During his battle, Yayoi Nakayama appears, prompting Orca to attack her with his Exploding Fang. During the battle, he also reveals that he is one of the Gravity Children. He appears to defeat Agito only to be confronted by the original personality of Agito's body, Lind. Unlike Agito, Lind's skills are far superior to Orca's, who has his throat slashed and is imprisoned inside Lind's Infinity Atmosphere ability, the Infinity Jail. Not willing to accept defeat, Orca attempts to attack Lind as he is leaving, but is crushed and lacerated when Lind implodes the Infinity Jail on him. However, Orca quickly gets back up and throws Lind into the water. Revealing that his speed in water is greater than any other mammal, he begins to ride (underwater) at incredible speed, raising the pressure and beginning to crush Lind's lungs. After seemingly killing an unconscious Yayoi by slashing her face with his AT, Lind was forcefully taken over by Agito, who went berserk with rage. Agito used the underwater pressure created by Orca to launch a giant fang. Orca was defeated by Agito and was washed away by the powerful flow of the lake waters. He was later rescued by Aeon Clock accompanied by Pyon.

Orca's road has not yet been named. It appears to be a fusion (similar to Nike's Jade Road or Ikki's Hurricane Road) of the Bloody Road and the Lather Road, as it combines the Fang element of the former with explosive water characteristic of Om's Infinity Atmosphere.


Exploding Fang - Orca's signature technique. It operates by pressurizing water and air into a Fang, creating explosive bubbles similar to Bubblegum Crisis upon impacting its target.

Water Tiara - First seen used on Yayoi Nakayama during the battle between Orca and Agito. Water is pressurized into a crown-like formation on the target's forehead, held together only by the slowly dissipating pressure of the water. As it begins to depressurize, explosive bubbles begin to form, threatening to cause serious injury or death if it goes off.

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