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Hotaru (ほたる)
Hotaru is Rikka's Guardian Character Her name means "firefly" in Japanese. At the end of episode 15 of Shugo Chara Party, Rikka gives birth to Hotaru's Guardian Egg. She was turned into an X-Egg, was purified by Rikka, and hatched five episodes later.
Hotaru is polite and elegant, providing a balance to Rikka's energy.

She wears a white tunic with a yellow bow, an orange jumpsuit and wears purple flats. She has purple hair and lilac eyes, with a purple tail and a headband, both of with a sun on them, the reason she has a tail is supposedly a secret. And she's afraid of heights.

She is born from Rikka's wish to be more open and caring to her friends.
Hotaru also seems concerned about the fact that Rikka keeps so many X-eggs in her bedroom.

Hotaru's Character Change causes Rikka to be more calm and speak clearly.
Her Character transformation white Rikka is called Pure Feeling.

Voice Actors
Sato, Satomi