Kage-Maru Hagakure

Kage-Maru Hagakure

Virtua Fighter
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Kage-Maru Hagakure (影丸)
Kage-Maru (影丸, Kagemaru?) fights with Hagakure-ryu Ju-Jutsu. He was born in the village of Hagakure. "Kage-Maru" is the name given to members of the Hagakure clan who work in secret in the shadows of society. His birthright was to become the tenth-generation Kage-Maru. His father, the ninth-generation Kage-Maru, taught him the fearsome Hagakure fighting technique.

One day, his mother, the eighth-generation Tsukikage, was kidnapped by J6 (judgement6). She was brainwashed and constantly having cybernetic improvements applied, she became a cyborg, immune to feeling. Several years later, the village of Hagakure was attacked by her, now known as Dural. Kage-Maru and his father were out fishing, but quickly returned when they saw the blazing village. They were too late, however, and the village was destroyed. Kage-Maru's father fell by a bullet from the mystery group and the next morning, Kage-Maru salvaged a keepsake from his father, donned his costume, and embarked on a journey to prepare himself to take vengeance on those who spilled his father's blood (Wiki).

Voice Actors
Yanada, Kiyoyuki
Locuratolo, Giorgio