Makoto "The Prince of Kicks" Kyougoku

Makoto Kyougoku

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Makoto Kyougoku (京極 真)

Kyougoku Makoto is Suzuki Sonoko's long distance boyfriend. He attended Haido High School, where he was a prominent member, and eventually the captain, of his karate team and became known as "The Prince of Kicks". He noticed Sonoko cheering on her friend Ran during a martial arts tournament, and became interested in her.

Some time later, he worked in his family's inn as a waiter, where he encountered Sonoko again, this time in company of Ran and Conan. Soon, however, Sonoko was stalked by a crazed serial killer who suspected her of having taken a picture of him at his latest murder (which she hadn't) and therefore wanted to both silence her as a potential witness and kill her because he hated brown headed girls in general. Makoto saved her just in the nick of time, earning her affection, but his constant participation in martial arts competitions and a studying period overseas prevented them from seeing each other often enough. Sonoko always does her best to maintain contact with him, though, including sending him little trinkets and gifts that she makes herself, and Makoto has stayed loyal to her. He usually gets caught up in one of Sonoko's silly romantic schemes. His fighting skills have proven to be incredibly handy for Conan, having saved Conan, Sonoko, and Ran from being in dangerous peril many times.

As a master martial artist, Makoto is usually cool and collected, especially in crisis situations, and also a keen observer. The only thing which does throw him off is his affection for Sonoko, for whom he will go great lengths, even forsake an important tournament just to meet her. However, Makoto's bashfulness around her, his dedication to his fighting skills and some competitive impulse keep him jumping from one obligation to the other, so their relationship is rendered a bit difficult. But at a point, Sonoko introduces Makoto to her parents and they eventually approve of him.

Makoto is depicted as one of the most powerful teenage martial artists throughout the whole series. In reference to his incredible ability, he is nicknamed the "Prince of Kicks". He has acquired championships in some international Karate tournaments. Makoto also had a 400 win streak from matches around the world that was broken only when he skipped a tournament to be introduced to Sonoko's parents and lost by default.

Voice Actors
Hiyama, Nobuyuki
Sabre, Diego
Roca, Jaime
Bottale, Luca
Lee, Ju Chang
De Gracia, Ángel
Kurbjuweit, Jan