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Shin Kujou (九条 シン)
Shin Kujou, also known as "White King" in the underworld but most of the people know him as "Ultra-Super Negativity King" or "Negativity King" for short. He is a pessimistic person and really lives up on his title. For example hearing negative words like nuisance, terrible, quit, and many more, he will jump to conclusions and do the suicide action. In addition to his pessimistic personality, he is also a gloomy and lazy person. A unique combination of traits a main character. But because of this he produces some atmosphere like a 'rafflesia flower' just as Nahara Rui described him. People tend to be infected of his gloomy attitude for his gloomy attitude seems to be contagious to other people.

On the other hand Shin is also one of the kings that have the power to run the underworld, the white king. His patched eye is the X-Ray eye that many desire because of its power. Although he has this, he doesn't really desire anything at all and can be easily affected by anything said that can be used as a reason for his death. He is also cautious of himself that he might become a monster, especially be overtaken by his other self.

Later on, he was accompanied by Rui who wants to stay by his side and his queen, even though once in a while he would say involving to a topic that 'he's a monster', 'aren't you afraid of me?', 'no good will come out of it if you're with me', and other lines can be seen in the manga. However she still stood by him with her cheerful smile, even if Shin already showed her his other side. Tomo, Rui's older brother and Shin's rook. Setsu, Shin's knight and Suguru his bishop. This companions of his gave him warmth that he was longing for and avoiding because he once said he was worthless and couldn't protect anyone important to him. In the end, he made precious friends that he wanted to protect. This is not the only reason Shin's will to live boosted, but it is also because of his dream when he was in the dark square. He asked why his father forced him to have the power he never wanted and the figure answered because his father wanted Shin to live. In the last part of the dream the person Shin was talking was his father. The last reason was his younger twin brother, Sito Kujou, he knew from his father that Sito wanted everything because he was lonely. Shin also knew that the other self in him was his other brother because of the events that happened. Despite all that he didn't kill his brother just like fate had said and Shin really did manage to do it on his own way. He slyly, even though he still looked lazy, said "I lost" to his brother even he won. His reason was he already died once so that means his brother won and he only went to his brother to settle things. His brother couldn't accept it and said if he let him win he would destroy Shin's havens, but Shin replied if he does that he'll come back and even if he doesn't do that he'll come visit regularly from that day onward. Then that he started with the will to live, his friends would even accompany him to the dark square to visit. He even started to smile more, jut like Rui wanted.

Kujou really likes sea food and has a portable coal burner with him almost all the times. Also he is hungry almost every time, but Rui would think about him and make a bento or buy food for him. He is kind regardless of his gloomy attitude. Forgiving and understanding, even though he was stabbed multiple times by his brother he still care for his brother and understanding for empathize people then show kindness in his own ways.His younger twin brother has also described him as twisted. He also has good reflexes and smart too. He is somewhat thinking ahead. However, he doesn't show that much and he prioritize his precious comrades before himself. He cares about them and vice-versa.

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