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Lycoris Radiata (リコリス・ラディアータ)
Lycoris Radiata, or Lycoris Flower, is what appears to be the most prominent character in the manga "Dokuhime." Lycoris was so named because of her blood red hair that was the color of the lycoris flower, as well as the red of the fire she was found in as an infant.

According to the manga, when Lycoris was a small child the place where she was living was engulfed in flames. Lycoris's parents left her behind as they fled the terrible fire.

Mandrake, the elderly women in charge of transforming children into poison princesses, had allegedly taken Lycoris from the flames and raised her as a poison princess. Growing up Lycoris's body had trouble taking the many poisons that would turn her into a poison princess. Lycoris constantly suffered from the poisons pain, even more so than the others who were also forced to consume the poison with their food and drink.

Luckily Belladonna, a poison princess senior to Lycoris, encouraged her to keep on living when she was ready to give up. Eventually Belladonna and Lycoris became as inseparable sisters wile under the care of Mandrake.

Lycoris has a personality that shows she is good by nature, and that she really is a timid and fragile girl in need of love. Despite this, Lycoris has a strong underlying will to survive, and the courage given to her by Belladonna to drive her forward through her struggles as an assassin for the country she does not love.

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