Shouyou Takahama

Shouyou Takahama

Bakuman. 2nd Season
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Bakuman. 3rd Season
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Shouyou Takahama (高浜 昇陽)
Age: 19 (debut)

Takahama was one of Ashirogi Muto's assistants, along with Ogawa and Kato, for Detective Trap. He did the figures, both sketches, and inks. Miura said he was the best artist of the new assistants he was in charge of. Originally, Takahama seemed very unsocial and didn't talk much at all. However, after coming to respect Mashiro's work ethic as a mangaka, he reveals his ambition to work at Disney and spends several nights discussing manga with Mashiro and Takagi.

He seems to be very enthusiastic about his manga, and grows frustrated with Miura after he feels that he is not letting him make the manga he wants. He respects people for their ambition and work ethic, as shown when he states that he has little in common with Ogawa and Kato because they are just happy with being assistants.

(Source: Bakuman Wikia)

Voice Actors
Shimowada, Hiroki
Naman, Philippe