Takezou "The God of Submission" Kuruma

Takezou Kuruma


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Takezou Kuruma
He specializes in submission holds and grappling techniques. It is Kuruma's training that created the personality of Mikiri. He is a "good-natured" man that cares very deeply for his daughter's well being. Kuruma prefers to grapple his opponents either until submission or until knock them unconscious (usually by cutting off circulation to the brain or by attacking the brain directly in attempt to shake it, which would result in instant unconsciousness). He too also appears to have a liking to the Kamen Raider series, wearing a festival mask when first introduced. He is able to tell which of the four personalities his "daughter" is at any given time, which surprises Motoko. He is known to train any students who wish to learn his style of fighting, though he claims none have ever been able to complete their training besides a Russian woman, Anna, who he usually calls Anna-chan. He is shown to have a liking for Anna and sometimes uses his training with her for his own perversions, usually to comical effect. He is also one of the only two fathers, along with Jin, who have actually faced Zero. Kuruma is the most common of the Three Fathers to appear, even staying at Motoko's house for Christmas.
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