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Sora Akatsuki

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Sora Akatsuki (暁宇宙)
Sora was lucky enough to advance automatically to the next level of competition in Battle Bladers because there was an odd number of contestants. He generally seems indifferent in the manga.

In the anime, Sora is a very big fan of Ginga: one day, he saw one of his battles in the Battle Bladers tournament, and he was totally amazed by his performance. When Ginga won, he therefore got up to cheer for him, and somehow he sensed that there was something they had in common at that moment, what with them being the only two people standing up and Ginga more or less looking in his direction. From that day on, Sora worked hard to become just like his idole, mostly when it comes to beyblading.

One huge problem always comes into Sora's way: he is what we could call a 'natural loser'. As hard as he tries to be good and to make powerful attacks, his beyblade always ends up dropping to the ground weakly. Everytime he tried to imitate Ginga's Shooting Star Attack, everybody was shocked at first, yet his 'Cyber' just came falling to the ground naturally, due to gravity. Of course, Sora is annoyed by the fact everyone laughs at him during those times, but he usually gets back up soon after those incidents and he just keeps trying harder. Too bad for him he cannot even get a successful ending for his own special attack...

In general, Sora is a very cool, laid-back kid who, like Ginga, would often sleep in a day. He does get ticked off over a few normal things though, and he can be quite insulting to people who are in his way, going on and telling Kenta's opponent in the Battle Bladers tournament to leave immediately, even pushing him. One of the only aspect of beyblading that Sora could not understand from Ginga at first was the Blader Spirit that is needed to beyblade well. Fortunately, Kenta helped him get on the right way by telling him to get his inspiration from the stars, even though Sora always keeps coming back to his imagined 'spirit' of Ginga to lead him correctly.

Kenta was really touched by his meeting with Sora, because the latter's determination is quite inspiring.

When launching, Sora soars into the sky and shoots his Cyber from up there, aiding his launch with the force of gravity.

Voice Actors
Kawana, Machiko
Kim, Il