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Kami-sama is a fictional character in the manga/anime Saiyuki, who is a loyal servant to Dr. Jianyi/Ukoku Sanzo. Apart from the name "Kami-sama" given to him by his master, he is sometimes known as Nameless Sanzo.

During a final showdown with Genjyo Sanzo and Sanzo-Ikkou in Saiyuki Reload, Kami-sama was flabberglasted when Genjyo Sanzo enquire him on his official Sanzo name given to him when he become a Sanzo; he says "You may have succeeded the power, the robe and the city, but you never succeeded the title of Sanzo". Kami-sama's mind become lost and agitated. Because of this reason, he is known as Nameless Sanzo.

Nevertheless, the Nameless Sanzo is one of the toughest enemies of Genjyo Sanzo and Sanzo-Ikkou (Genjyo Sanzo's party) have faced in this second series of Saiyuki.


Kami-sama has a birthmark on his right face, wears a cheerful smile similar to his Master, loves plush toys and fun and has a cheerful behaviour like a child. He lives in a castle built by his master, Ukoku Sanzo. A pact was made between him and his master that if he dies, the castle will slowly crumbles and dies with him.

When he was a child, he sought pity from Ukoku Sanzo to take care of him, which Ukoku Sanzo obliged. From that day onwards, the child become a loyal servant to Ukoku Sanzo. Ukoku Sanzo trained and passed down his knowledge, including his powers, to the child, who did not know that he will be used as a pawn by his master (who then become Dr. Ni Jianyi) to kill Genjyo Sanzo and Sanzo-Ikkou.

Weapons And Powers/Abilities

He wears a long Buddha bead which surrounds his body. It is believed to give him magical powers. The power includes enabling him to have high dexterity to fly and dodges attack from enemies plus protection from heavy hits from enemies. His beads are able to attack and strike his enemies in short distance (pierce through body) and long distance (able to capture and strangle).

He can summon a palm size rod that has golden peach fruit shape on both ends. The controller is able to summon and command floating beads to move erratically like projectiles to hit his enemies. His weapon was so powerful that it has led to one of Genjyo Sanzo and Sanzo-Ikkou's bitter defeats.

He also has the ability to create illusions spells. He has used illusion spells on Ginkaku believing his brother Jingkaku was transformed into a hideous beast. In order to confuse strangers entering his castle, he had created an endless loop route in a forest outside his castle compound and Maze of Fog which was placed at the entrance of his castle.

To aid him in his fight against the four fighters, the Nameless Sanzo has plush toy armies in his castle that were made of captured human souls (that were considered bad) by Ginkaku. It would be raised to serve him when he is in trouble.

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Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Satou, Yuuko
Monge, Cyrille