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Warsman (ウォーズマン)
English Name: Warsman
Russian Name: Voyna Mashina (rus. Война Машина)
Birth Name: Nikolai Volkov (rus. Николай Волков)
Aliases: Battleman, Kuroe, Belmond
Classification: Zangyaku Choujin→ Seigi Choujin
Homeland: Soviet Union
Age: 24, 25 (Golden Mask arc), 27 (Throne arc), 61 (Nisei)
Height: 210cm/6'8"
Weight: 150kg/330lbs
Choujin Kyoudo: 1,000,000 Power
Trademark Techniques: Bear Claws, Screw Driver, Palo Special
Tag Teams: Choujin Master/Student Combo (Robin Mask) , The HellBears (Michael)
Trainer: Robin Mask
First Appearance: Manga Chapter 94, Anime Episode 30

Alias: Chloe/Lord Flash, Belmond
Blood Type: A
Special Skills: Cossack Dance, Can play the Balalaika
Theme Song: "Bear Claws of Sorrow" Woo (feat. Hideyuki Hori as Warsman)

Warsman is a Robo Choujin (Cyborg Superman) and possessing retractable iron claws called Bear Claws. He also possesses excellent artificial intelligence and calmly judges his opponents so as to defeat them within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, his inner computer begins to shut down and smoke emits from his body. Originally he was Zangyaku Choujin (Brutal Superman) but after the Choujin Olympics, he becomes a Seigi Choujin (Justice Superman). He typically has no facial expression, but when he faces a formidable opponent a creepy smile known as the Warsman Smile appears on his face.

Born half Robot and half Choujin in a poor Russian family, Warsman had a very rough childhood. Having been teased and ridiculed for his robotic face, he grew up getting into fights with various bullies. This is how he met Barracuda (secretly Robin Mask). Barracuda put him through hellish training in order to exact his own personal revenge on Kinnikuman, changing him into a blood-thirsty beast. The only thing that could calm Warsman down and keep him in check was to see Robin’s mask. Also, focusing on the intense training so much caused Warsman to only be able to communicate through a creepy breathing.

Robin's revenge was going to take place at the 21st Choujin Olympics, which Kinnikuman was going to be competing in. Warsman’s first opponent was Teapackman whom he easily defeated and killed with his Screw Driver technique. In the next round he went up against Pentagon, and although Pentagon’s aerial techniques worked on Warsman for awhile, Warsman eventually tore of Pentagon’s wings and eviscerated him with his Bear Claws. In the next round, Warsman was to fight the “Most Brutal Choujin” Ramenman in a “Battle of the Beasts”. Though he gave it his all, Ramenman just couldn't gain an advantage over Warsman. Warsman threw him out of the cage and through a table. He then got on the top of the cage and jumped towards Ramenman with his trademark Screw Driver technique, but Ramenman blocked it with the ring bell. He thought he had trapped Warsman's Bear Claws, but Warsman burst through the bell and stabbed Ramemman in the temple, turning him into a vegetable.

Before his finals match with Kinnikuman, Barracuda requested it be a Mask Removal Death Match (if a member of Kinnikuman’s clan reveals his face he must end his own life). During the fight, Bibinba’s kind words and Kinnikuman’s refusal to kill him made him turn to the side of good and destroy his Bear Claws (though they show up again in the next story arc). After 30 minutes Warsman’s computer shutdown and Kinnikuman defeated him with a Kinniku Buster.

Afterwards he and Robin then became Idol Choujins and joined in the Individual Battles during the Devil Choujin Arc. Warsman went up against their leader, Buffaloman. And although Warsman was able to break off one of Buffaloman’s Long Horns, Buffaloman eventually killed him after a succession of Hurricane Mixers. Warsman was revived (along with Robin and Wolfman) by a dying Buffaloman, who became good after fighting Kinnikuman.

During the Golden Mask Arc, Warsman was taken out pretty early. During the fight with Planetman, Planetman made the faces of Warsman, Terry, Robin, Brocken, Bibinba, and Kinnikuman’s parents appear on his body, causing Kinnikuman to not want to hit those parts. Warsman sacrificed himself by telling Kinnikuman to punch through his face, which was over Planetman's heart. After the fight, the remaining Devil Knights ventured into Warsman’s unconscious body and the Five-Story Ring matches took place. During the match against Ashuraman and Terryman, the fight temporarily takes place on Warsman's heart. Terryman uses Buffaloman's arms to shock Warsman's heart back to life, though he remains unconscious. Later, when Geronimo sacrifices himself so that the other Choujins can escape, Warsman's tears flush him out with them.

Like the other Choujins, Warsman then has his Friendship Power stolen by Ashuraman and Sunshine, causing him to turn on Kinnikuman when the Universal Choujin Tag Tournament comes along. He instead teams up with Robin to form the Choujin Master/Student Combo. The first match is against the Hell Missionaries (Neptuneman and Big the Budou). During the fight, Warsman is hit with Neptuneman's Quarrel Bomber clothesline, sending him into the ropes and, on the rebound, hit with the Double Leg Suplex, which knocks his mask off. It is after this that Neptuneman reveals his quest to collect the masks of the greatest Choujins. Warsman puts his mask back on and continues to fight, but unfortunate the shock from the Double Leg Suplex knocked out his sight and he is soon killed by the Cross Bomber and his mask is added to Neptuneman's cape.

When Mixer Taite separates Kinnikuman's Kajiba no Kuso Djikara from his body, he also separates his soul and sends it to the Choujin Graveyard. While in there, Kinnikuman runs into Warsman and learns that Choujins can return to life if they collect 4 Life Spheres (from doing manual labor) within 6 months. Warsman offers Kinnikuman his spheres and helps him escape. During the semi-finals against Team Zebra, Dr. Bombay helps Warsman come back to life by implanting a Heart Crystal into him. Unfortunately, Warsman escapes before Bombay can completely restore his memory. He arrived in time to save Meat from The Manriki, and then took his place in the fight. Because he hadn't regained all of his memory, he couldn't remember his own fighting style or even how to use the Bear Claws (he tried throwing them at one point). With the help of Robin Mask pretending to be Barracuda again, he regains his memory and fighting style and defeats Manriki with a Palo Special. Warsman trained in a bamboo forest outside of Nara for his finals match against Mammothman and (with hints from a hiding Neptuneman) learns how to defeat the Big Tusks. However, before Warsman can make it to Osaka Castle, Mammothman ambushes him and takes him out. As he crawls on, Geronimo finds him and takes him to a hospital, taking his place in the finals. He shows up along with Terry, Ramenman, Wolfman, Jesse Maivia, and several other Seigi Choujins to cheer on Kinnikuman during the final match with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix.

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Hideyuki
Hori, Hideyuki
Tanaka, Ryouichi
Kakegawa, Hirohiko
Caperbat, Emerson