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Junko Takei (竹井 醇子)

Takei Junko (18 years old in '44)
Service: Fuso Imperial Navy (Fusou Koukoku Kaigun)
Familiar: White dog, believed to be of Kishu Inu breed
(The comic in which Takei primarily appears is a parallel setting to the anime, with differences in certain areas such as the way Miyafuji is recruited)

A naval ace selected by the Fuso Imperial Navy to join the European Battle Fleet. A coworker of Sakamoto, the two are on a first-name basis.

Because of the location of the base Takei was deployed to, and her behavior while there, she is also often called "the Lady of Reval".

Although she will defer to Sakamoto in matters regarding personal combat ability, Takei is well-respected for her command and logistic skills, so much so that even Sakamoto would listen to her advice on the battlefield.
After her European deployment ended, she returned to Fuso to train new recruits, and was later invited to the 504th Joint Fighter Wing.

As an instructor, Takei stresses group cooperation and raising the overall standard of all her charges as most important, in contrast to the one-on-one spartan training offered by Sakamoto.

A currently serving Fuso Imperial Navy air infantryman in 1944.

(Source: AnimeSuki)

Voice Actors
Asano, Masumi
Edwards, Kara