Carrisford "Carris" Radofrics

Carrisford Radofrics

Soukou no Strain
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Carrisford Radofrics
One of the two boys in the Space Squadron, "Carris" has blue hair and a fondness for Sara. She begins to open up to him when he reminds her of Cedie. Like Cedie, Carris is eventually killed by Ralph Werec, for which Lavinia blames herself. Carris is originally from Gall, but is much younger than he should be due to sub-light speed travel. His younger brother is now much older than he is and is the chief administrator of Gall.

His name comes from Mr. Carrisford, the employer of Ram Dass (the namesake of Sara Werec's Strain) and an old friend of Ralph's, who was initially accused of stealing Sara's fortune but comes back to restore it. "Radofrics" is an anagram of "Carrisford", missing one R, as his namesake had no first name.

Voice Actors
Hoshi, Soichiro
Haberkorn, Todd