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Gildarts Clive

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Gildarts Clive (ギルダーツ・クライヴ)

Gildarts Clive is one of the Fairy Tail Guild's S-Class mages. Gildarts is widely accepted by all the members as the strongest member in the guild under Makarov. Whether or not he is as powerful as Makarov is widely debated. He is frequently absent in the guild due to the nature of the requests he receives. He is widely referred by members of the Fairy Tail Guilds as "that geezer". His back shows a man with spikey hair, wearing a tattered cloak. His infamy as a mage was also commented upon by the Guild Master of Phantom Lord, Jose Porla: "... Erza and Laxus, Mystogan and Gildarts... Their names spread as far as my own hometown..."

Gildarts went out of the guild 3 years ago to carry out his job, and recently has returned to the guild. He is rumoured to have taken both a 10-year-job as well as a 100-year-job, which is classified above the SS rank jobs as the difficulty is ranked on how long it would take for completion. His long-term periodic absences may be the reason for Makarov's decision for dropping Gildarts out of equation as his successor, and why no attempt of communication was made during the Phantom-Fairy Tail War.

He also seems to be an incredibly popular and important mage throughout the town as well, as his impending arrival is subject to a large bell being rung in a "special manner" to notify people of his coming. Also the Fairy Tail mages seem to burst into celebration as a reaction to his arrival, indicating that unlike Mystogan who is virtually unknown and Laxus who was generally disliked due to his attitude, he is extremely well liked by the town and everyone at Fairy Tail.

Voice Actors
Inoue, Kazuhiko
Douglas, Jason
Flechtner, Peter
Certoma, Roberto
Bretonnière, Marc
Casany, José Manuel

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