Usarapa "Ursula"


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Usarapa (ウサラパ)

A member of the Alpha Gang. She works with Zander and Ed to obtain dinosaur cards for Dr. Z. She is often very conceited, acting like a queen in front of her two cohorts and possessing an elevated, almost delusional, opinion of her beauty. Whenever failure occurs with the three, Ursula thinks that it is not her own fault (even when it is), but blames the other two who keep bringing her down. A running gag is that she is often called an "old lady" (usually by Zoe, "Obasan" in Japanese, meaning grandma or grandmother), which drives her crazy, and she always knows when somebody calls her that no matter how far away they are. Dr. Owen later develops a crush on her which she doesn't return. In Season 2, Urusula being asked to marry Dr. Owen in the final episode, but she rejected him in return.

Voice Actors
Watanabe, Misa
Lillis, Rachael
Sánta, Annamária
Reshef, Michal
Sanches, Gilmara
Portuguese (BR)
Baré, Jennifer