Sayuri "Hyacinth" Yurine

Sayuri Yurine

Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida
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Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou
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Sayuri Yurine
The 3rd class a criminal the GFP let loose to test the power suit. Hyacinth dresses as an S&M queen and attacks with her male slave Pierre. Her main thing it to turn Pierre into a random animal from the zoo she owned. She goes by Sayuri when out of battle and lives in room 2 of Cosmos House. She has a bottomless stomach and massive breasts. After Suzuo fed her she flirted with him. Because he didn’t fall for her, she made several attempts to seduce him, causing her to bickers with Ruri.

Voice Actors
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Oliver, Nicole
Han, Chae Eon