Asaka "Neruloid Girl" Nogiku

Asaka Nogiku

Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida
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Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou
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Asaka Nogiku

An Earth girl with a love of beer. She works for Emerald Company by testing their Neruloid Girl power suit. This got her room 4 in Cosmos House. Unaware of who they are, she becomes friends Suzuo and Tanpopo and keeps her beer in their refrigerator. As Neruloid Girl she fight the class A criminals to try and win the contract for Emerald Company, making her Dokkoida’s rival. Like Suzuo, she will be disqualified if her identity is discovered.

Voice Actors
Shimizu, Kaori
Alexander, Sharon