Balzac Asimov

Balzac Asimov

Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade
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Balzac Asimov
An arrogant soldier who was a spy for the military commander, General Colbert (General Galt), who maliciously taunted Blade and the Space Knights. Freeman (Jamison) intentionally gave him the data of the Tekkaman (Teknoman), implying that the Space Knights will need all the help they can get, leading to the creation of the Sol-Tekkaman suits (Tekno suits), with Balzac piloting the first one. He led a strike team on the Space Ring thinking it was the main base; however, it wasn't and fell into a trap set by Evil (Sabre), who proceeded to annihilate Balzac's military squad. Balzac escaped the massacre and returned to earth where he was saved by a woman named Rachael and her young brother Rick. For several months, he stayed with Rachael and Rick, finally understanding what it feels like to have people care for him, but also seeking revenge for the death of Marlou, his best friend. He ends up helping the Space Knights, giving extra firepower to the team, which already had Blade and Noal (Ringo). He and Noal (Ringo) still show rivalry towards each other, but without a sense of grudge against each other unlike before. Near the end, both he and Noal (Ringo) take on Tekkaman (Teknoman) Sword. Balzac used Noal's (Ringo's) suit to use a special cannon designed by Freeman (Jamison) to negate the Tek Set. He managed to kill Sword in battle, however, she grabbed Balzac at the last moment, taking him along with her. As they descended, Balzac thought of Rachael one last time before shooting her in the chest. As they both plummeted towards earth, Balzac burns to death on his entry towards the earths atmosphere, with Sword burning up along with him.

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