Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle

Irregular Hunter X: The Day of Sigma
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Rockman X
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Storm Eagle (ストーム・イーグリード)
Storm Eagle, is a Maverick from Mega Man X based on an eagle. Storm Eagle was a noble and popular Reploid leader of the Maverick Hunter's 7th Air Cavalry unit. When Sigma started the Maverick revolt, he was forced into submission after a attempt to stop Sigma, losing the fight. He may have been infected by the virus, though by his own words, it seems to be out of duty. But these words are questionable as they were said with much reluctance, possibly wanting to oppose Sigma. Thus he may be a sort of innocent victim of the war. X had to kill him in the Death Rogumer.

In The Day of Sigma OVA, Storm Eagle was at the Missile Base prior to Sigma's revolt, and he was moved to the 17th Elite Unit for a short time. X and Zero respects Storm Eagle, being Zero apparently related to him somehow. Vile, however, hates him.

Voice Actors
Kageura, Daisuke
James, Tommy