Junichi "B.J" Baba

Junichi Baba

Ueki no Housoku
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Ueki no Housoku
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Junichi Baba (馬場 淳一)
B.J. loves hip-hop music. He has a tendency to lie a lot, particularly about who he is when fighting other power users.

When we first meet him he convinces another power user that he is Robert Haydn. His defeat at the real Robert Haydn's hands spurs Ueki to challenge him the first time.

He is somewhat a pervert especially towards Ai. During Ueki's first battle with him, he maximizes the speed of his whirlwinds to see her underwear and during their second meeting, he rubbed her body which resulted with a punch to his face.

Voice Actors
Taniyama, Kishou
Hong, Beom Gi