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A rather fat man that had been living within the lands of Tusk since his life had begun. Morocco is the father of Roya, in which he seems to be rather insane due to his great fear of his daughter. Morocco attained this fear by first dealing with a certain witch that had prophesied that Roya would "be the death of him". This insanity greatly prospered after Roya (as a child) had given Morocco a rose as a gift, which pricked his finger, causing for a minor amount of blood loss. This threw him into a state of insanity throughout the rest of his life in which he convinced himself that Roya must die. Due to this fact, Morocco hires Despara to assassinate Roya. Because Roya's mother had joined bodies with Despara right before her death - as a result of her protecting Roya - Morocco could never look Despara in the face without being thrown into fear as to look at his own wife's face.

Ten years into the future when Morocco sees Roya dressed beautifully as the newly adopted daughter of Norman - a high ranking noble man of Tusk - he literally gets on his hands and knees and crawls quickly away from Roya in a moment of extreme fear within his insanity. After this, Morocco finds the whereabouts of Roya, and personally holds her by the throat and attempts to kill her. However, Despara - who became Jesara momentarily - is struck by his blow. Morocco then attempts to flee, but is instantly cut down by Cloud, thus finally ending his life of distortion.

Voice Actors
Asou, Tomohisa