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A young girl that had been a citizen of Neotopia since childhood. Throughout her childhood, Aisha would become friends with a boy by the name of Keith, along with Gale. Aisha and Keith would always want to remain independent in their actions - as to be void of the strict Neotopian rules, they would occasionally sit at night amongst glowing flowers that provide light to the sky, and hide out in their established stone monument. Gale, however, joined the military when told to, which changed his life to a high extent. Aisha later meets Noa, in which she and Keith treat them as their old friend, Gale. However, when Gale returns and relatively destroys the previous peaceful ways of Neotopia, Aisha is amongst a large conflict. After Gale is about to slash and kill Keith for destroying the newly established laws, Aisha jumped in the way and was fatally wounded. Aisha lives long enough to transport the terror stricken Noa out of Neotopia to a remote country.

Voice Actors
Flecknoe, Maggie
Hazuki, Erino