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El Hazard: The Alternative World
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Qawoor Towles

A young 17 year-old priestess and the youngest priestess of Mount Muldoon ever. She was the top student of her class and took the place of Miz Mishtal after the former priestess of water married Fujisawa. Qawool’s servant is Alielle’s twin brother, Palnus. Qawool is also very afraid of insects, which causes her to destroy whatever is around her. Like Alielle, Qawool addresses Makoto Mizuhara as master, because he saved her life. She is also in love with him.

As a minor note, when The Alternative World was released in North America through Pioneer Animation (or Geneon, as it is now called), her name was written as "Qawool" and "Qawoor" on the packaging (the spelling used depended on the volume.) Ostensibly, this was done to make her name sound more native to El-Hazard, since "Qawool" can be hard for English speakers to distinguish from "Kaoru," a very common name in Japan. It may also be an attempt to represent the "ku-sub-a" phoneme that begins her name.

Qawool was introduced in The Alternative World and does not appear in The Wanderers.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Sakamoto, Maaya
Brown, Emilie