Yu "Second Enigma, Zhang Liang" Xun

Yu Xun


The Ravages of Time
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Yu Xun (荀彧)
Courtesy name Wenruo. Xun Yu is the second member of the Eight Enigma, genius military advisors handpicked by renowned veteran strategist Sima Hui 'Shujing'. Although as well-versed in warfare as any of the Enigmas, Xun Yu's true strength is diplomacy. From the beginning days of Cao Cao's faction, his benevolent ministry, as opposed to Guo Jia's 'Darkness Ideology' in military affairs, has helped fortify Cao Cao's rule. Thus stems his nickname, 'Zhang Liang', a homage to a famous advisor who aided Liu Bang in the construction of the Han dynasty.

Unlike Guo Jia and Jia Xu, the two Enigmas whose aim is Cao Cao's eventual rule, Xun Yu works toward the restoration of Imperial Han. Believing Cao Cao to be the only one able to achieve this, Xun Yu pledges his loyalty to him, even after Cao Cao's ambitions manifest in Guo Jia's favor. Xun Yu's greatest feats to date are the recruitment of thousands of Yellow Turban's troops and the Emperor's capture, both of which have contributed monumentally to Cao Cao's faction, elevating him to the status of most influential warlord of the land.

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