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Kurt Godel
The governor-general of New Osti. He brings with him the Megalo-mesembrian heavy magic armored troops (claiming he has a weak body and they're his bodyguards) and a small boy who carries his sword. He threatens to spread embarrassing pictures of Yue and the other knights as well as Nodoka and Fake Asuna. He insults Negi's mother calling her the queen of calamity who destroyed her own nation in a attempt to get Negi riled up so he can take him into custody. His goal is to use Negi's Power and influence of being of royal blood and power to take over the world, offering to share half of it with him. Seras believes he is part of the group that framed Negi. He claims to know Negi's true enemy. He's later revealed to be Eishun's apperentice. He was a war orphan that joined the group; unlike Takamichi he was considered a genius. Eishun originally didn't want to teach him but he learned through imitation and eventually Eishun was impressed to the point he was taught properly. After the War's end he left the group feeling they couldn't save the world using their current methods. He's offered to remove their bounty, offer 18 ships as personal guards to the surface, tell Negi everything he wants to know and leave the girls alone if Negi attends the ball.

During the ball, he attempts to have Negi kill him so that he can fight on their side, announcing that the entire magical world is his enemy and his wish to save humanity. In order to convince Negi further, he proceeds to show Negi, Nodoka, Asakura, and Chisame a video of his memories, of the final battle with the "Lifemaker" or "Mage of the Beginning" and the aftermath of the battle, as well as Arika's fate.

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