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Angel (エンジェル)
Angel is a mage who belongs to the Oración Seis guild, a Dark guild composed of highly powerful mages, as well as the only female within the group. She along with the others' goal is to find the power know as Nirvana, a very destructive power that was sealed away long ago. She a highly accomplished Celestial Spirit Mage however no better than Karen Lilica as she treats her spirit just as cruelly as the former Blue Pegasus member. Incidentally she was also the murderer of Karen herself. She has the ability to summon two celestial spirits at the same time.

Gemini: Her formerly most used Celestial Spirit who is able to copy peoples' looks, memories and powers at will. Their names are Gemi and Mini.

Scorpio: A man with a large, gun-like scorpion tail who refers to himself in the plural first person. He is Aquarius' boyfriend.

Aries: Karen's old Celestial Spirit used on Loke, acquired from Karen after Angel killed her.

Caelum: A spirit that can be wielded like a cannon as well as a sword.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ono, Fuyuka
Volpe, Isabelle
Seidel, Lindsay
Marricchi, Lucrezia
López, Rosa

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