Flora Nanadan

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
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Flora Nanadan

Queen of the country of Havoniwa, Maria's mother and Lashara's aunt. Flora laughs often and always has a devious scheme up her sleeve. A former student of the Holy Land, she has great combat skills and even pilots Wahanly's mechanoid like a pro on her first try. It is also said that she is one of the greatest martial artists in all the lands, though she has yet to spar against Kenshi. Much like Mexiah, Flora is very shameless in her apparel and actions, and flirts with Kenshi at every opportunity, even in front of other people. Her tendency to make a spectacle of herself in public embarrasses Maria and Lashara to no end, as well as anyone else who may be nearby. To get back at her for her antics, Maria and Lashara once activated Kenshi's "Massaging Demon" mode on her, thinking it would be the perfect revenge for all she had done to them, but Flora ended up enjoying it (almost too much) instead, causing her to fall for him.

Voice Actors
Matsuki, Miyu
Clinkenbeard, Colleen