Jin Renka

Jin Renka


Vampire Juujikai
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Jin Renka (刃 蓮火)
Age: ~600
One of Bridget's followers and the best swordsman in the group; his skills are noted by Bridget to be greater than her own. After Strauss defeats Yuki, the 49th Black Swan, Renka's love interest, Renka swears to avenge her. However, Renka’s hatred is so great that he will not hesitate in revealing the existence of dhampire and vampires to the entire human world, which would rekindle the vampire hunts. After an injured Strauss beats Renka in a swordfight, Renka starts to retain his composure. In that swordfight, Renka was unable to hit the vampire king even once; however, Strauss cut Renka 25 times. Renka realizes exactly how heavy Strauss’ mental burden is, and the dhampire knows that he could never win against the former king armed only with pure rage. Afterwards, he grows curious of Strauss’ past and is direct in asking Bridget about the king’s past.

In combat, Renka uses two sacred swords, Koryū and Kinyou as well as a longer unnamed but equally sacred katana. Despite a four-hundred year training, his swordsmanship is still unrefined and lacking compared to that of Strauss.


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