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Jose is the biggest member of the group, and also appears to be the oldest, as well as the wisest. He is responsible for setting up the Circuit to achieve their goal through the WRGP. He first appears alongside his comrades when Placido acquires his Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity. He later appears during the WRGP opening party and subsequently chastises Placido for his impatience and briefly explains their plans for the WRGP. During the intruder's invasion of the party, he takes note of Aki's psychic powers.

Later, prior to Luciano's tablet arriving, he, along with the others, watches Yusei and Aki's Riding Duel, and realizes that they do not have the necessary "power" yet, but he has faith that their plans will succeed through the WRGP.

Voice Actors
Sugou, Takayuki
Hoverman, Matt