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Lucciano is the smallest and youngest member of the Infinity Trio, and seems to have a very manipulative and sinister personality and is prone to fits of evil laughter every now and then. He along with his group including Jose and Placido appear at the crash site of a Wisel's tablet, and when Lazar questions their reason for being at a forbidden location, he admits that they are his new bosses. Jeager immediately recognizes them as being from Yliaster. He is present during the WRGP opening party, chuckling evilly, claiming the people of the city are being used.
Lucciano, after being enrolled at Duel Academy

Lucciano and the other members await for the arrival of Skiel as it crashes into the mountains. He then later enrolls at New Domino Duel Academy. Here, he displays the apparent ability to use illusions to disguise himself, first appearing in a student's uniform rather than his Yliaster one.

(Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Arcelus, Sebastian
Yoshida, Hitomi
Barbieux, Romain