Vega "Orie Kusanagi"


Gear Fighter Dendoh
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Vega (ベガ / 草薙織絵)
GEAR vice-commander. Has her face hidden behind a mask, and has distinctive long blonde hair. Her superhuman battle prowess and agility in combination with her powerful weapon-laden motorcycle "Valkyrie" allows her to support Dendoh in the flesh. Uses a whip-like weapon, throwing blades, and explosives with great skill.

She is actually Hokuto Kusanagi's mother Orie Kusanagi, who masks herself and wears a wig to disguise herself as Vega. Her appearance as Orie Kusanagi is also somewhat of a disguise, though, as she was an alien girl that crashed to earth with the Data Weapons and utilizes hair dye and contacts to conceal her original turquoise hair and eyes.

Voice Actors
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Kim, Seon Hye