Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS Special
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Dummy (ダミー )
The Dummy appears in the second part of the Sailor Moon SuperS Special, "Haruka Michiru Futatabi! Bourei Ningyougeki" ("Haruka and Michiru Return! Ghostly Puppet Show"). A ventriloquist and his dummy are first seen in a darkened room. The Dummy says that he is hungry, but the ventriloquist tells him that he must have better manners because they will soon be performing, although he, too, has been hungry for the past few hundred years. The Dummy assures the Ventriloquist that they will soon have a large feast. Next, they are shown performing at a beautiful restaurant at a hotel They tell a story about the bottle that the Dummy holds in his hands. Long ago, everyone was afraid to open the bottle because it was rumored to contain the true feelings of everyone in the city. However, in order to destroy an evil sorceress, the bottle needed to be broken. Because everyone was afraid to break the bottle, they all fell under the sorceress's spell. While everyone in the room is laughing at the story being told, Michiru leaves and the Ventriloquist spots her. Back in her room, Michiru tells Haruka, who is ill, that she feels an evil presence. Later, the Ventriloquist an the Dummy sit in the restaurant, where all of the people in attendance have had their energy drained. The Ventriloquist tells the Dummy that the people of the restaurant are the feast he spoke of earlier. The nurse who attended Haruka earlier walks into the room, and is quickly possessed by evil. The evil nurse attacks Michiru, but is defeated. Michiru rushes to her room to find that Haruka's energy is being devoured by the Dummy. Before she has the opportunity to fight the Ventriloquist, he tells her that he cannot be touched because the bottle that the Dummy carries is the Spirit Sealing Bottle. If it is broken, all of the shadows in the world will attack their owners. She says that there is no proof of this, but he counters that there is also no proof that he is lying. Neptune attacks with "Deep Submerge," knocking the Dummy from the Ventriloquist's arms, breaking the bottle, and freeing Haruka. Haruka transforms into Sailor Uranus and prepares to attack, but Neptune tells her that it is really the Dummy who is in control - the puppet master is actually the puppet. Uranus uses "World Shaking" to destroy the Dummy, which releases the Ventriloquist and the nurse from its possession, and returns the energy of the drained restaurant patrons.


Voice Actors
Sakaguchi, Daisuke