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A minor but important character, Lark is the older brother of Shiru and best friend of Zaha. He was involved in the war against the demons, though not as a warrior. After Zaha was injured he went to look for him, the only help he could get was from the hound Orthros. Finding Zaha unable to be moved due to injury, he didn't approach him and directed Orthros to watch over him. He himself immediately left to lure an approaching enemy flock away from Zaha's location. He succeeded and survived long enough to tell his sister what happened, shortly after which he died of his injuries.

In the dub version, there are two variants of this character :

Version 1. He is a nameless angel who exiled Gabriolis for having failed as a protector.

Version 2. He is the leading of the light realm and does not have a sister. He left the injured Gabriolis behind to finish the war. It's very fuzzy why he as an archangel did not use the teleportation powers that the angelic leaders of the other realms posses, or why he had the time to leave behind the whole army to check on a single soldier, or why he couldn't alert any of his lieutenants of Gabriolis' location, or how he won the war when it's explicitly stated he was 'never seen again', why he did not wear any armor, or why he didn't go over to explain Gabriolis what he was going to do (there is no mention of needing to lure away anything), or how Spectra Angel knows that any of this happened when Lark never had the time to tell anyone, disappearing as he did.
This version is interchangeably referred to as both he and she.

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