Yuukel Hakushon

Yuukel Hakushon

Nerima Daikon Brothers
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Yuukel Hakushon (ユーケル・ハクション)
The second of Oizumi's two henchmen sent to distract the Nerima Daikon Brothers. He is a pop-star who is world-famous for plastic surgery and has come to Japan to escape "adults" and turn Hideki's Daikon field into "Nerima-Land." He convinces Mako (who he calls "Wendy") that she will once again become an idol with his help. He's an obvious parody of Michael Jackson. His face resembles a Picasso painting and he dresses in a pink Peter-Pan-style costume. and at one point his nose is knocked off in a fight. The character also references songs from Thriller and Bad and ends every sentence with the interjection "Ow!"

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
McFarland, Mike
Yuuki, Hiro