Tsutsuji "Satsuki Miina" Sanae

Tsutsuji Sanae

Getsumen To Heiki Mina
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Tsutsuji Sanae (早苗 つつじ)
A Kansai paparazzi girl lurking around celebrities looking for any scoop. She is a serious military mania, and has a special love for old weapons. Actually she was stripped of the right as a Miina in accusal of using the special powers for personal purposes. In order to save Tsukishiro Miina from a crisis, Nanashi gives her permission to once again return to the Rabbit Force. However because the use of her Miina Weapon has not been yet permitted, she uses her own Bazooka as a weapon and a spherical camera for flight. Transformation vegetable is blueberry. As a side note, how she looks with the normal blueberry weapons can be only seen in the ending illustrations.

Voice Actors
Nakajima, Saki