Genzo "Gen" Soga

Genzo Soga

Tenshi na Konamaiki
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Tenshi na Konamaiki
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Genzo Soga (蘇我原造)

A violent and fearsome punk. An excellent fighter, Genzo has been in countless fights and is feared by all who cross his path. All this changes when he encounters Megumi. Instead of randomly causing trouble, for the first time Genzo has a goal and purpose, the heart of his beloved angel. The only problem being, Megumi will have nothing to do with him. Genzo is constantly and comically abused by Megumi, but always comes back for more and never gives up his quest for his ideal girl.

He strives to be the "manliest of all men" and even created a manliest man handbook that he tries to live by.


Voice Actors
Takagi, Wataru
Seong, Wan Gyeong

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