Sandaime Kazekage "Third Kazekage"

Sandaime Kazekage

Naruto: Shippuuden
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Sandaime Kazekage (三代目風影)
Third Kazekage was once the leader of Sunagakure, though his true name is unknown. He had the unique ability to manipulate his chakra and convert it into magnetic forces, which made him immune to all metallic weapons. After studying the host of Shukaku of the time, he recreated its sand-manipulating powers by combining his own magnetic chakra and iron powder, which produced the Iron Sand technique. It was for this very ability that he was noted as the strongest Kazekage in the entire history of Sunagakure.

Sasori kidnapped and killed the Third Kazekage in order to turn him into a Human Puppet. The effort involved in the Third's capture made it his favorite puppet. Sunagakure did not know this and searched earnestly for his whereabouts. Their actions are suggested to have sparked the Third Great Shinobi World War. With the war's outbreak the village was forced to give up the search and choose a Fourth Kazekage, though there would be other search attempts in later years.

The Third's fate is discovered during Sasori's battle with Sakura and Chiyo when Sasori brings out the Kazekage puppet to use against them. After a long, drawn-out battle, Sakura managed to destroy the puppet.

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