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Soran (ソラン)
Soran is a young slave girl from Tequila Wolf who found Robin unconscious in the snow and took care of her. She only appeared in the anime.
She has lived all her life working on the massive bridge of Tequila Wolf with her adoptive aunts and knows very little of the outside world, she copes with this by drawing islands on pieces of wood (one drawing even resembles a Sky Island). After Robin appeared she told Soran all about her adventures on Skypiea and this gave Soran the hope of someday drawing pictures of islands all over the world. When Robin was discovered by the guards Soran and her aunts tried to hide her but this only angered the guards and they were prepared to torture Soran and her aunts to find out this information. Luckily Robin handed herself over to the guards thus sparing Soran. Later on Robin and the rest of the slaves are freed by the Revolutionaries.
First Appearance: Episode 420


Voice Actors
Nazuka, Kaori
Broseh, Madeleine