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Dogba (ドッグバー )
A female droid summoned by Esmeraude in episode 79 to help her corrupt the Animal Kindgom - a petting zoo and animal sanctuary loacated on one of the Negative Points that could be used to open the Dark Gate - with Dark Power. The veterinarian and the caretaker of Animal Kingdom had been rendered unconscious by Esmeraude. Dogba assumed the form of the veterinarian and took complete mental and physical control of all the animals present. At first she amused visitors by having the animals perform a variety of impressive tricks, but then she used her power overthe animals to make them attack the onlookers, thereby contributing to the corruption of the Negative Point with Dark Power and the growth of the Dark Hinge that had been placed in that location. Artemis tried to prove his worth to his friends by trying to stop Dogba himself, but Luna tried to rescue him. Dogba and her creatures dealt with the two cats, and may well have ended up injuring or killing them, had it not been for the arrival of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. After this, the other senshi arrived to rescue THEM. While they managed to neutralize the droid's army of animals by combining their attacks without harming any creatures, they were nevertheless caught off guard and temporarily incapacitated after Sailor Moon began prematurely celebrating their victory. In the end, Artemis attacked Dogba, distracting her long enough for Sailor Moon to free herself and destroy her with Moon Princess Halation. While Dogba could control any species of animals, in group or individually, her power was ineffective against highly intelligent animals, such as Luna and Artemis. Not only did Dogba have the ability to control animals, but she also had a large red energy whip capable of electrocuting whoever it touched and rendering them unconscious. She could even throw armlets which she wore around her upper left arm which would assume the form of gold energy rings and solidify around the necks of her opponents, forming collars complete with chains to restrict their movements. In human form, Dogba had light skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. In droid form, she had red skin, white hair, and green eyes.

(Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)

Voice Actors
Naka, Tomoko
Katan, Orli