Witch Hunter
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Item: Dimensional Gallery, Magic Bullet Gun
Race: Human
Class: (Potentially) White
Age: ?
Supporter: Halloween

Edea Florence's first apprentice, he surpasses Tasha in every aspect but was disowned for an unknown reason. He hates witches since one killed his master, not knowing it was Aria, and kills them as well as taking their hats. He was the one behind the WH murders and apparently East and Varete know about him. As Edea's student he received the same training as Tasha but knows everything about the Magic Gun and it's fighting methods and is capable of defeating both Tasha and Halloween in her released form.

He can remove the mana limiter in his Dimensional Gallery, flooding his body with mana and turning his hair white, making him very powerful. However, he can only maintain this form for a limited amount of time, before returning to normal, either due to lack of mana or to prevent the mana from poisoning him.

His Halloween is possibly stronger than Tasha's, fighting at the bare minimum amount of mana but nearly killing it. However, due to the fact Ryuhwan's Halloween only has one seal, while Tasha's has two, Tasha's Halloween may, in fact, be stronger.

Gun Battle - Direct Hand-to-Hand combat style of using the Mana gun.
Dimensional Gallery - Summons multiple guns from all angles to fire.

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