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Ichigo Momomiya

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Ichigo Momomiya (桃宮いちご)

Age: 13-14
Birthday: March 15 (Pisces)
Height: 159 cm

Ichigo was just a normal 13-year-old junior high student who was on a date with Aoyama Masaya until her DNA is mysteriously merged with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. Now she is the "leader" of a group of girls, whose DNA were also merged with that of an endangered species, called Tokyo Mew Mew. The Mew Mews have to save the world from Chimera Animas, the aliens, and the alien leader, Deep Blue. Originally, Ichigo wants nothing to do with the "Mew Project", instead wishing to simply spend time with her crush, Masaya. Later, she grudgingly accepts her fate, realizing what she is (a Mew) and the importance of the task assigned to her.

Ichigo has some aspects of the typical magical girl heroine personality: sweet and caring, shy around her love interest, prone to overlooking things the more perceptive and more intelligent can see, and is overactive when she is mad or excited. Ichigo reacts very angrily whenever a loved one is hurt, and dislikes being treated like an object, hence her reaction to Kishu. Ichigo tends to go dreamy and blushes when in the presence of her crush, Masaya, typically head over heels, and she occasionally becomes confused with her feelings, and is prone to act rashly. Many times, she puts her own relationship before saving the world. Overall, she is a friendly person who's willing to give second chances to the people she likes.

She is injected with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. Later she finds herself acting like, instead of a wildcat, an ordinary housecat and, remembering the dream sequence of a cat jumping into her body when she was injected, realizes something has happened to her.

Transformation: Mew Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis!
Attack: Ribbon Strawberry Check! (Eps. 1-14); Ribbon Strawberry Surprise! (Eps. 15-52); Ribbon Aqua Drops! (Eps. 25 & 43 only)

In the English dub, Mew Mew Power, Ichigo's name was changed to Zoey Hanson, and in the Italian dub, Ichigo's name was changed to Strawberry Momomiya.

Voice Actors
Nakajima, Saki
Magnaghi, Debora
Fernandes, Samira
Portuguese (BR)
Guardians 4
Bogdányi, Titanilla
Jeong, Mi Sook
Landresse, Sophie
Har-lev, Liat
Ramírez, Alejandra
Brown, Amanda
Tenma, Yuuki

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