Hidemi "Mizunashi Rena, Kir" Hondou

Hidemi Hondou

Detective Conan
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Detective Conan Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare
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Detective Conan
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Hidemi Hondou (本堂 瑛海)
Hondou Hidemi is an undercover CIA agent who has managed to infiltrate the Black Organization under the codename Kir. She has a younger brother named Eisuke. She was forced to kill her father, Hondou Ethan, who was also in the CIA, after a mistake nearly caused her to lose her cover in the organization.

Despite having to maintain her cover within the Black Organization, Hidemi remains a compassionate person and attempts to preserve as many lives as she can. Having seen him in action, she has come to trust Conan and his judgment implicitly. Among the members of the Black Organization though, she appears to be cold and obedient to her superiors, but she acts a bit more merciful than the others, causing Gin to get suspicious of her at times.

Voice Actors
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Granato, Jolanda
Riedel, Sarah