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Dvergr (ドヴェルグ)

Alv's partner,
Even though Dvergr is a major antagonist she has little to no personality, most of what she says consists of who, what, where, when, how or why. She is by no means stupid, merely contained. The reason for this is never apparent, but she has a tendency to do the dirty work out of the pair and also generally finds it easier to get out of hard situations, not easy ones. Dvergr has the same powers as Alv, Absorb and Reflex.

Dvergr's name is Nordic for "dwarf."

Rank: GOTT ES Member, S-Class
Age: 19
Partner: Alv
Abilities: Reflex and Absorb (shared with Alv)

Voice Actors
Minami, Omi
Paige, Rebecca
Zidi, Marie
Fésűs, Bea
Draeger, Kerstin

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